World Oceans Week may have concluded, but ocean education and awareness can be practiced everyday! Click on the links below for virtual World Oceans Week activities that you can do today!

Virtual Lessons from Stream to Sea Education Coordinators

Follow a school of young salmon fry from the aquarium they were raised in, to the Goldstream River.  Eventually, these fry will swim out into the Pacific Ocean!

Printable Activities

Lesson Plans

More Learning & Engagement Opportunities

Oceans Week Victoria: Intertidal Walking Tour Seaquarists Zoe, Yuko, Maia, and Yogi head out to show you what you can find on rocky, sandy, and human altered beaches. Zoe will take you on a tour around Tod Inlet, Yuko at Tullista Park Beach, and Maia with Yogi at Kitty Islet.
The Galiano Conservancy is trying something new! We want to facilitate remote ecological learning via online resources in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the GCA’s long history developing and delivering outdoor education programs, we have accumulated a wonderful array of resources and activities for all age groups. DEEP is our new Digital Environmental Education Program that will support parents, teachers and all young nature lovers by providing teaching / learning material digitally through the GCA website and other linked online sources.

Videos from Fisheries and Oceans Canada